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Reach into the Beyond

When you are weary

there is always a prayer

deep inside your body

that Love hears even when you can’t call out

and ask for Mercy.

She moves through you

Lightening the load you carry,

 calming you.

Love whispers,

“Be still.”

She becomes your breath.

and you hear,

   “My Beloved Child,

                                             Lift your heart into the treesTree Light for Blog

                                                            Keep Rising higher

‘till your soul touches the curve of the sky.

When you can transcend no further

                                            Open your arms wide

and reach into the Beyond

‘till you touch the Light

upon your fingertips.


the LOVE of this LIGHT


all that is Divine

radiating from your soul.


Release this LOVE

into the Universe

and gently place your toes

upon the green grass.”

Now you are free, my Beloved.

Blessings of Light & Love Around you and with you Always, Erin

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Love Came Knocking One Stormy Night

Love came knocking one stormy night
I answered, “Can’t you see I’m busy?”
The house is a mess,
There’s clutter everywhere.
I need to get the kids to bed,
And the animals need to be fed.
My husband’s shirts need to be cleaned
I’m really trying not to be mean.
Love said, “No problem.”
“I’ll talk to you soon.”
I said, good-bye and closed the door.
I breathed in a sigh of relief.
No expectations
No worries or fear
Of what Love might say about my disheveled life
She was gone.

But then the thunder rumbled and the house shook.
And everything came tumbling to the floor.
My eyes filled with tears
And I yelled, “Why?!”
“Don’t you see how hard I try?
I try to keep everything perfect,
And I always seem to fail.
Nothing’s ever in the right place
And now this?
It’s too much for me to do.

So I tried to run out the door,
but the storm blew me back inside.
I fell upon my clutter and began to cry.
And the cascading waterfalls flooded the room.
I had to come up for air.
So I swam as hard as I could
[To just get my head above the surface].

Then air.
Deep Inhale.

And then it struck me,
Oh why was I so stuck inside my head?
How could I be so worried about my life
that I could leave Love outside for the night?
“I’m sorry,” I yelled!
I’m so sorry I didn’t want you here.
I’m sorry my life is so full of fear.
Please oh, please Love, Come back!!!
I need you so.

I looked out into the abyss.
I sighed.
I couldn’t see a thing.
No sign of Love anywhere.
And then a voice inside my heart,
“Forgive yourself my child,
Let it go.
You are too hard on yourself.
The mess can wait.
All the work will get done.
But you don’t have to do any of this alone.
Please sit down
Open your heart and pray.
Now listen to what I have to say,

I am here.

I am here.

I am here.

I look out the door again,
The sky is full of stars.
The clutter around my feet is gone.
And Love, she is here.
She’s always been here.
She will always stay.

For Love has made her home in You.


Blessings of Light & Love Around you and with you Always, Erin

©2012-2017. Bella Bleue Healing™. and Erin Keane. All rights reserved. No portion of any post or photo may be copied or reproduced without prior written permission from the author, Erin Keane.

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Shine Your Light

She painted the sky with Love,
for she had found the Beloved One deep inside her
and the Beloved One said,
“Shine your inner light on all those you meet
and fill life with beauty;”
and she did,
and the world Smiled.


Much time has passed since I last wrote here because life was busy, and my primary focus has been my children. But now, the time has come to join you again on this journey of Life, to walk with you along the road, and to discover with you the deeper essence of who each of us is. I’ve been listening more deeply to my voice within, and it has told me I need to write again. I am so happy to be here again!

When you listen to your strong inner voice, the one that is in harmony with your purpose, the world smiles at you because you are creating love: people experience the joy, the peace, the celebration of life in you; and this bright beautiful energy shining forth from you is infectious. The world smiles!

I bless you on your journey today. May you listen to your inner voice, the voice that is the essence of who you are. The Beloved One desires you to be nothing less or you wouldn’t have been created so amazing!

Blessings, Erin

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Healing, Spirituality



Serenity flows through the natural world.

Listen and you can hear 

the beating of your own heart

and the deepening of your breath

in rhythm and connection

with the powerful tranquility of creation

that becomes fully alive in you

as you return to the roots of your being.

Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue
©Bella Bleue Healing, Health & Inspiration for Your Life
™ All rights reserved.