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Listen to the Whispers in Your Heart

Happy New Year!

As you awaken to a new decade of your life, my hope for you is that you may more fully discover yourself and love yourself more deeply.

New Years Blessing 2020

You have whispers in your heart,
They call to you,
they are the messages of LOVE,
the echoes of your creation,
reminding you
of who you truly are.
You feel yourself connecting
being held by this LOVE
The LOVE that formed you
birthed you into creation,
This LOVE is the Eternal,
it is the light of divine imagination
dwelling inside you
It beams from you and unites you
with the light of others,
throughout all eternity.
Embrace these whispers
for they are LOVE speaking to you.
Allow this LOVE
to be with you,
to hold you
to carry you
to guide you
and awaken you
to Yourself.


©️2020. Erin Keane. Bella Bleue. All rights reserved. No portion of any post or photo may be copied or reproduced without prior written permission from the author, Erin Keane.

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New Year’s Blessing

New Year's Blessing

This Year opens a New Door
A New Story of your life
You have amazing opportunities
alive in you.
Your imagination is your greatest gift

it has the potential to:
Set new goals
Achieve new dreams
Heal broken wounds
Create and inspire
Forgive old hurts
Connect to friends
Paint a photo
Photograph a memory
Write a story

Your life is a wonder
Your mind is a masterpiece just waiting
to be revealed;
Your heart is an ocean that flows
with the tides, bringing healing, love, hope,
and peace to the places in your life where grief,
hurt or bitterness may have lived.

Heal yourself day by day,
and let your healing imagination transform your life.

Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue

Happy New Year 2013!

What are you going to transform for yourself this year?

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