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Reach into the Beyond

When you are weary

there is always a prayer

deep inside your body

that Love hears even when you can’t call out

and ask for Mercy.

She moves through you

Lightening the load you carry,

 calming you.

Love whispers,

“Be still.”

She becomes your breath.

and you hear,

   “My Beloved Child,

                                             Lift your heart into the treesTree Light for Blog

                                                            Keep Rising higher

‘till your soul touches the curve of the sky.

When you can transcend no further

                                            Open your arms wide

and reach into the Beyond

‘till you touch the Light

upon your fingertips.


the LOVE of this LIGHT


all that is Divine

radiating from your soul.


Release this LOVE

into the Universe

and gently place your toes

upon the green grass.”

Now you are free, my Beloved.

Blessings of Light & Love Around you and with you Always, Erin

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