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A Blessing and Prayer for Grace

How are you today?

Last week I felt a strong sense of the presence of Grace in our lives. There is so much each of us hold: both pain and joy, sorrow and hope, loneliness and togetherness. There is also much beauty in our choice of how to open our hearts, to feel, to experience life. This is where Grace happens: in both the beautiful and difficult.

This prayer/poem is my gift to you. May there be openings in your life where you can feel and experience Grace. Grace is freely given always just because you are you. You are Beloved.

A Prayer for Grace

Grace is falling
falling from the skies;
it comes in thunderous waves of rain
and bright rays of sun
that embrace the land
everyone and everything are
within its reach
and touch.

Grace is rising
rising up from the earth
it comes in the songs of the birds
the beauty of the flowers and trees
inviting you to come closer
to see with your own eyes
to touch with your own skin
to feel within your own body.

Grace is speaking
speaking from the Spirit of Creation
from the tender mouth of God,
that dwells inside
every bud,
every wave,
every beam of light,
every person,
every creature,
every particle of life.

Grace is

Grace is

Grace is yours:
it is your gift
of God’s great Love for you
freely given,
within you,
and always upon you.


Blessings of Grace upon you today and always,

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