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A Butterfly’s Unexpected Surprises

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here in the Northeast. The birds were singing, plants were growing, children were playing, dogs were running, and butterflies were dancing. I’ve never had the opportunity to photograph a butterfly up-close, but yesterday I did. It was a wonderful, unexpected surprise and completely brightened my day. 

The wonder of the experience wasn’t just that I saw a butterfly, but that the butterfly ( A Red Admiral) stayed around my yard for a good 25 minutes and let me come up close to photograph him (most likely a male).  In fact at one point he landed on my arm and sat there for a good minute. It was like he was saying to me, “I’m happy to see you. It’s my pleasure to be photographed by you.”

Butterflies are known for symbolism:

  • Resurrection
  • Transition
  • Celebration
  • Lightness
  • Time
  • Soul

While I was outside with the butterfly, I definitely felt a sense of “lightness;” it was as if my soul/the deeper part of me was feeling better and lighter just by being in the presence of this magnificent creature. I felt so utterly honored that this butterfly felt safe and comfortable around me, and my camera.  Have you ever been near an animal in the natural world, who just seemed to welcome your presence? What was that like for you?

As I watched this butterfly open his wings to the sun—soaking up the warmth and the light– it reminded me of how I too need to soak up the sunlight, and be renewed. It was as though this butterfly was affirming my human experience of needing light…and at the same time he was inspiring renewal/resurrection within my heart and my soul by being so welcoming of me.

As I was enjoying these moments, unexpectedly another Red Admiral Butterfly appeared, and I was blessed with the invitation to watch them dance around my yard, until they came to a place of rest upon the bark of a tree.

The butterfly left me with a wonderful gift: Because the butterfly welcomed me, I felt like someone knew I needed this. And it reminded me yesterday, today and always, that when we seek with our heart, our longings will be answered…maybe not always in the ways we expect, but in ways that we NEED. I needed this butterfly to come into my life: I needed to be reminded that I am never alone…and that when I really need an experience of grace it will be provided for me.

How about you, have you ever had something wonderful happen to you, that filled you with an unexpected experience of Grace?

Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue
©Bella Bleue Healing, Health & Inspiration for Your Life™

10 thoughts on “A Butterfly’s Unexpected Surprises”

  1. I love this!! :-). I had a butterfly encounter too this morning :-). Although sadly my butterfly was no longer living when I found it (lying on the ground). So I picked it up gently and cradled it until I could find a nice place for it to rest ♥

    1. That’s really beautiful. It’s as though their gentle spirits are attracted to those of us, who are open to receiving their grace. And I appreciate your tenderness and care after the butterfly’s death. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the Red Admirals!! ♥ Well, I love allll butterflies. I’ll follow ’em right up to our swamps to get a glimpse + a picture. 🙂 Beautiful symbolism, always.

  3. Wow… I too just had my first intimate encounter with a butterfly! Mine was Monday and he also posed for me;) was only for a few brief moments, but. Like you… Found it quite wonderful. I wrote alien for him and got just one close- up shot… Will its soon! Thanks for sharing… Your photos and words are terrific!

  4. So nice, in this day and age, we as people forget to stop and stare for a while because there are still things out there that can take our breathes away.

    1. As it turned out, after doing some research, I learned my “butterfly” was a very beautiful moth!! It was yesterday’s post actually – yes – those of us with cameras are attracting these flying creatures! Sorry some of my comment above was plagued with typos!! Please forgive my confused fingers:) Sending love and wishes all things wonderful! RL

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