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Remember to Dream

How are you today?

I’ve thought of many things I want to write. Many things I want to share. I didn’t realize how tired my mind and body would become over these days of staying home with my family of five. So I haven’t written much lately…But I have still thought of you, and sent blessings to you…🦋

In the early days of March, when life suddenly changed, I think my body was running on adrenaline. And my mind was so alert, that all the words and emotions I felt came out freely upon the paper. Your welcome acceptance of receiving blessings and stories I’ve shared has been such a gift.

Thank you.🦋

I have many things I still want to share with you.

How have your days been? Where have your thoughts been taking you? Are you still allowing yourself to hope & dream?

The other day, my family and I walked along a beautiful hill by our home. I asked my daughter to run up the hill so I could take her picture. As I watched her run, I had an awareness of memory, a feeling of freedom, from my childhood: the wind blowing in my hair, the sense of leaping into the great wide sky, and imagining I could fly. Later that night, I sat for awhile and thought about how tired I’ve been. How I’ve lost my sense of feeling carefree. I actually, cried a deep ache I was feeling that night. I guess I was holding in too much grief. But the next day I looked back through my photos and saw the one I’m sharing with you. Something about the edge of the sky and my daughter running towards the top of the hill, opened my heart again. As I listened to my heart I heard my inner child whispering to me, whispering to the inner child inside each of us:

Don’t be dismayed…

Remember when you were free, my child
and run with your dreams,
ready to soar into the arms of hope,
the light of possibility…

The world is still calling to you.

Messages of Hope During Covid-19

So give yourself a simple gift today…Remember your dreams…and let them awaken something marvelous inside you…

…and, Rekindle the fire of hope in your soul.

I hope you keep dreaming. I hope you find ways to let your spirit soar!

Blessings, Erin

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A Passionate Life is A Fabulous Life!

It is so easy to say, I’ll get to that tomorrow…and sometimes it is exactly what we need to say. But when it comes to your dreams, how many tomorrows are going to happen before you begin to Live out your desires, your inner longings?

You only have one life to live so, why live a life that’s making you unhappy?! 

Sometimes you might not recognize your passions because you are too busy being someone else-or doing something else — i.e.,-being unfulfilled/not taking time to know yourself. (I know I’ve been there!)

But when you begin to really know YOU–you begin to feel fulfilled. The dreams, passions, desires in YOU can become real, when you recoginize them as part of YOU:

Each and every one of us has something about us that makes us come alive/something we have passion and desire for…and hopefully you can write down a list of more than one! If you haven’t already done so take some time with yourself and reflect on what really makes you come alive.

  • Pause for a bit. 
  • Reflect. 
  • Get to know yourself.
  • Write down your dreams/passions/desires

I was listening to Tony Robbins on CBS; He shares that to follow your dreams/desires,

[You have to have both drive, and strategy…but to get where you are going you have to have the right strategy]–“If you long to see a sunset and you run East, then you have the wrong strategy.”

Now that you know what your dreams/passions/desires are you need to


Like Tony says, “If you run East, then you have the wrong strategy;” But don’t just give up here. When you are following your dreams, sometimes you have to pause on the journey; and if you are going in the wrong direction you need to be attentive enough to your direction to:

  • Pause
  • Reflect
  • Reconsider
  • Redirect

and change your course. And try again! As many times as you need to, so that you can find your way.

You are an amazing miracle. There’s no one else in the world like you.

So when you follow your dreams, and touch the world with YOU, You not only begin to know and love yourself more, but you also begin to heal the world—Happiness and Fulfillment are very powerful energies—They produce incredible Light!

And you give life a gift: Life gets touched daily with sprinkles of Inspiration: YOU and your Life are Inspiring to others!

A Good book to check out is the Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss.


Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue

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Rain-Washed Blessings Inspired by the Irish

The spring brings rain with it. Rain effects us in many different ways.  It can inspire us to go out and take photos of its beauty in nature.  It can also change our state and damper our mood. Rain may unmotivate us, and make us less interested in doing things. But, we know no matter how rain may make us feel, it is inevitable that it will come one day. Rain is also very symbolic: It is a symbol of cleansing, and renewing. It is a symbol of our tears. During the spring it is a great source of life–it brings forth new life in the earth. It is also a time of washing away the grays of winter and bringing forth new bursts of color.

I would like to challenge you to bring forth new bursts of color in YOUR life…let the rain bring forth new life, new beginnings in you by washing away YOUR burdens, and sorrows, and filling those spaces with new dreams, hopes, and aspirations!

Once you make the effort to be renewed, let the rain heal you and inspire you through ACTION

  • Jump in puddles like you did when you were a child
  • Stand in your shower, and imagine that it is the rain, washing upon you, and removing all that you need to let go of-Allow healing to happen within you!
  • Stand under the rain, until your hair is wet and raindrops fall off your nose into your hands making a puddle-and say to yourself, “I am alive and refreshed!”
  • Go outside with the one you love and dance!
  • Make your dreams a reality:
  • Write down your goals and hopes in a list
  • Pick one a day that you are going to work at
  • Remember a goal is attainable!—which means you will make it happen!

May the Road Rise to Meet You,
Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue
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