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Nature Blesses Us with Hope in Early Spring

Purple Crocus Flowers


The Crocus Flower is one of the first signs of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. These tiny purple white and sometimes yellow flowers adorn the earth and fill our eyes with little bits of beauty. They are a reminder that the earth is awakening again from its winter rest. And they are a reminder that the cycle of life from death to rebirth is happening again.

Look at these little flowers…

White Crocus Flowers


There is so much hope that lies within each of these flowers. Think of yourself when you see them rising up in the earth at the beginning of spring. They make you feel excited that spring is starting. They fill you with HOPE for new days, longer sunlit skies, colorful plants, green leaves and warmer days.

This beauty transcends into your heart and flows into your soul as you are filled with this gift of divine grace.

Open yourself and feel the divine gift of nature given to you. This gift [of flowers] is not just here for us to see…it is here to awaken our souls to the wonder of life and the hope that lies within each of us.

Blessings, Erin

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Spiritual Messages from the Monarch Butterfly

Happy October!🍁🍂

How are you today?

I want to share with you a beautiful experience I had this summer. We all need beauty in our lives, but experiencing beauty and awe, seem to be exceptionally important this year with all that is going on in our world both close and far from us. This August my family and I were blessed with the gift of raising a Monarch from our garden. We watched her hatch from an egg, eat her way to becoming a large plump caterpillar, change into a chrysalis, and then into a magnificent creature of flight.

Our beautiful Monarch stayed in our garden for 3 days drinking the succulent nectar of my flowers. She had previously been with us for 26 days as she began as an egg to her birthing into a butterfly. Spending almost a month together we become family to one another. My two year old cried when we had to say good-bye. Possibly she stayed because she wanted to ease his grief; she had love for us as we did her. Maybe she stayed because as she flew into the garden the flowers and milkweed seemed to be a familiar place of love and connection for her: it was where her mother danced and gave birth to her. The flowers also hold the memory of previous generations of Monarchs who drank from their nectar and thus the flowers also have a great love for her, knowing her as a parent knows their child. We, people, creatures, nature, all of creation are connected through this magical web of energy and love. When we see this, and believe this we become part of the great family of creation. This connection of love invites us and allows us to begin to heal and remember who we truly are.

September and October are the months of The Great Migration.

The Monarch we were blessed to raise is from the “Super Monarch Generation.” She lives about 7 to 8 months compared to the other Monarch’s who are born after her in the spring (March/April) through the beginning of August. (Each of those generations only live about a month at a time). Additionally, she is flying about 2,400 miles from my home in Massachusetts to the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico to live atop trees at elevations of 2,000-3,000 feet. These creatures with such tiny wings, flying such distance are truly magnificent. Can you imagine being in the mountains and witnessing the beauty of all of them together, all the vastness of the trees, sky and peaks? The lifespan, endurance, and flight of the Monarchs born in August are a mysterious, beautiful gift. These creatures are a symbol of what we are all capable of, but have yet to fully understand.

May we watch these beautiful creatures and learn from them: to have hope, to keep trying, and mostly to believe in the mysterious and wonderful. They have so much to teach us.

I hope you enjoy these photographs of her. And I hope you make the time in your life to notice the connection you have with nature, and that nature has with you.

Have you ever raised a butterfly at home before? Do you have a favorite kind of Butterfly?

Blessings, Erin

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Remember to Dream

How are you today?

I’ve thought of many things I want to write. Many things I want to share. I didn’t realize how tired my mind and body would become over these days of staying home with my family of five. So I haven’t written much lately…But I have still thought of you, and sent blessings to you…🦋

In the early days of March, when life suddenly changed, I think my body was running on adrenaline. And my mind was so alert, that all the words and emotions I felt came out freely upon the paper. Your welcome acceptance of receiving blessings and stories I’ve shared has been such a gift.

Thank you.🦋

I have many things I still want to share with you.

How have your days been? Where have your thoughts been taking you? Are you still allowing yourself to hope & dream?

The other day, my family and I walked along a beautiful hill by our home. I asked my daughter to run up the hill so I could take her picture. As I watched her run, I had an awareness of memory, a feeling of freedom, from my childhood: the wind blowing in my hair, the sense of leaping into the great wide sky, and imagining I could fly. Later that night, I sat for awhile and thought about how tired I’ve been. How I’ve lost my sense of feeling carefree. I actually, cried a deep ache I was feeling that night. I guess I was holding in too much grief. But the next day I looked back through my photos and saw the one I’m sharing with you. Something about the edge of the sky and my daughter running towards the top of the hill, opened my heart again. As I listened to my heart I heard my inner child whispering to me, whispering to the inner child inside each of us:

Don’t be dismayed…

Remember when you were free, my child
and run with your dreams,
ready to soar into the arms of hope,
the light of possibility…

The world is still calling to you.

Messages of Hope During Covid-19

So give yourself a simple gift today…Remember your dreams…and let them awaken something marvelous inside you…

…and, Rekindle the fire of hope in your soul.

I hope you keep dreaming. I hope you find ways to let your spirit soar!

Blessings, Erin

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