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A Blessing of Healing for Yourself

Look inside yourself,
the place where Love lives
the Love that makes you feel bigger than yourself,
(like Love for your children, your spouse, your pets etc.)
the Love that makes you feel alive,
the Love that makes you feel whole…

Feel this Love:

Let it flow from you
just as it does each time  you share it,
but this time stop it before it leaves
and turn it towards yourself,
filling all the places within you:
your cells, your heart, your skin, your mind & soul
with your own powerful Love.

Let this Love you give to others
be the Love you give yourself.

Blessing of Healing for Yourself
Feel this Love:

Hold the frightened one

the grieving one,
the hurting one,
and tell them gently
what you need to hear,
and let yourself scream,
let out your cries,
curl up and hold yourself in your arms,
all the while Loving Yourself with this great love from within you.

Feel this Love:

Send all of your Love to You.
the same kind of Love
that the sun offers the Earth
as it rises in the morning,
embracing everyone, and everything with its light
beaming hope upon you
and awakening your body, mind and soul to their
Healing Power.

Blessings, Erin

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