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Your Glow is Still on My Life even after Death

Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow
Heal me from all this sorrow
As I let you go I will find my way, I will sacrifice
Now I’m living in your afterglow  —INXS Afterglow”  

Whenever I lost some amazing person at the hospital I would listen to this song, and savor his/her memory. I often feel a  glow upon my life after a special person has died. Sometimes when people I cared for died, and I wasn’t there, they have come to my thoughts (even those who have suffered greatly) and tell me, they are okay, with a smile on their face. (This has actually happened to me a number of times.)

In my work as a spiritual counselor, people will often tell me stories about encounters they had had with a deceased loved one. Frequently, they will say, “I don’t know if you’ll believe me but…” And of course, I tell them I believe them. The power of the spiritual world and individual connection to it is very personal. I deeply believe that connection with the deceased does happen. It is real.

How about you? Do you ever feel the presence of someone you love, or dream about him or her? What has this experience been like for you?

I was moved to share this story with you because of Memorial Day*, but also because many of the people I follow and share in conversation with here, have expressed the loss/death of someone they have loved.

I invite you to open your heart and hold all those who are grieving right now in your heart, and send to everyone of them, and even to yourself if you  need it, a prayer of love and compassion.

I open my hands to catch your tears, and hold the sacredness of who you are and who you have loved within my arms. I ask the benevolence of the earth and all of creation to touch you with a gentle presence of grace in ways that you can understand and feel.

Whenever you need to be near the ones you love who have died, open yourself and ask them to be near you, and when you are ready to receive them I imagine they will find a way to be near you or to let you know what you need to hear.

Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue
Bella Bleue Healing, Health & Inspiration for Your Life™ All rights reserved.

If you are interested in understanding connection or want to connect more, a wonderful blog to visit: Necole Stephens

Photo is from a wonderful Facebook Page called Heart Centered Rebalancing

*This Monday we celebrate Memorial Day. It is traditionally a day of remembering men and women in the Armed Forces who have given their lives for service. It is also a time when people visit the cemetery…and remember and celebrate life of those they love.

11 thoughts on “Your Glow is Still on My Life even after Death”

  1. “How about you? Do you ever feel the presence of someone you love, or dream about him or her? What has this experience been like for you?”

    Yes and yes. I frequently will dream about loved ones right after or shortly after they pass and at certain times, especially when I’m having a “fit of tears” I will feel the energy of loved ones. Sometimes it feels like arms just embracing me and I calm right down. I talk to my passed on family members a lot and it brings me comfort. With the dreams I sometimes wonder if it’s my brains way of comforting me about the loss more than an actual meeting with the loved one….my brains processing the loss. The reason I say this is because a lot of times after I watch something or other things happening that I feel strongly about occur, that night I will dream about it. It’s like my brain is processing whatever it was to the “storage compartment” in my memory.

    1. Hello! I hope you are well today! I too feel arms around me when I have a “fit of tears.”—I like how you said this :). I still don’t really understand my dreams…some I feel are images or suggestions from things I’ve watched or seen, other times they feel deeper then that because I feel it within me…it’s not just cognitive. Thanks for sharing as always, I always enjoy your words, your wisdom and your honest beautiful heart that shines through all that you write. Blessings, Erin

  2. The more I read of your Blog, the more I love it.
    I believe in the connection we can have with our loved ones who are not physically there anymore. I feel their presence when I need them. I just need to call them ❤

    1. Thank you, Nikky, for your affirmations! It is marvelous that you can feel the presence of your loved ones whenever you need it. I find that being able to call upon those who’ve loved me gives me an inner strength that might not be there without them. Thank you for being wonderful you. How are you today? I hope you are feeling better. Blessings always, Erin


  4. The other night I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were getting married and my brother, who passed in ’05, was there. He was sitting and I went over to him and gave him a long hug. I made a comment to him that he was there, and that he was in physical form. He didn’t say anything. I’ve read that those who have passed will come in dreams (I think in this book “My Life After Life: A Posthumous Memoir” by Galen and Kenneth Stoller. (Galen is the one who passed. Kenneth is his father.))

    1. It sounds like this was a powerful experience for you—thank you for sharing. Yes, it does seem like those we love somehow stay connected to us even after their death. I believe Love surpasses all space and time. Blessings to you, and to your brother, Erin

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