Blessing, Healing, Prayer

Prayer for Australia

Prayer for Australia 2020

Bless you, Mother Earth…

The Earth gives you her breath
She fills your body with peace
and opens your heart to Life
She is there when you open your lungs for the first time
as you cry out,
she gives you voice,
and then you are held in love
by those who witness your birth.

Our Earth is weeping right now,
she needs you to hold her in your love.
She’s struggling to breathe
and her children,
the creatures of the earth are hurting,
their little voices are being silenced.
They need your healing.

Lay your hands upon the ground,
Raise your eyes to the skies
Send out your breath of powerful Love.
Close your eyes
and see the light shining inside of you
the light that shines in your soul,
this is your gift of divine Love
Send this prayer of yourself
out into creation.

Mother Earth,
we hear you,
we see you,
we feel your pain.
We LOVE you.
You are our life force
and we have not forgotten you.


Blessings to you,
and especially on the peoples, creatures and land of Australia,

©️2010-2020. Erin Keane. Bella Bleue. All rights reserved. No portion of any post or photo may be copied or reproduced without prior written permission from the author, Erin Keane. Find me on Instagram @Erins_blessings  and at Facebook Bella Bleue Healing by Erin Keane

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