The Healing Power of Sharing Your Story

In my time here in the blogging community I have had the sacred opportunity to read people’s stories-and share my own. The stories that come from deep within our hearts…the ones that make you feel..because you know that could be your story too, or someone else’s story has already been part of your own story. There is great power in how our story—the way we make sense of our experience—effects and impacts our healing journey.

I am grateful for the healing power of our storiesby sharing them we have the ability to heal.—Until I was able to admit openly my struggle with depression, healing was pretty much null and void. But when I began to share—which happened because I finally was able to witness my story in my heart—the healing began, and continues…

What is it like for you to feel and know your own story?

I am grateful for the gifts of strength and survival that we were created with, so that even in the midst of suffering, somehow we have the courage to live—it always amazed me in my days as a spiritual counselor in the hospitals, how those who decided they were not going to be defined by their illness and instead continued to be themselves, were the ones who lived life, and those who let their fear consume them, or the disease define them, slowly or quickly withered. Your journey of healing is effected by how you make sense of and share your story of suffering, illness, loss, divorce, etc.

When I was afraid of my depression, it consumed me—I didn’t want to admit it was a part of me so my depression had control, but when I accepted that “My depression is a part of me, but I will not let it define me,” I became in control, and my healing journey continues to happen because this has become the  story I now live my life by.

  • When you are ready, put your own words in place of mine or create your own powerful statement! And if you already have one–congratulations to you!

How has sharing your story lead to healing in your life?

A Healing Blessing from Me to You:

May you be surrounded by healing love, a healing love that comes from all of creation, and gently and powerfully calls your name. And in those moments when you cry out, may the depths of your heart be heard by all the angels who are there to protect you and by the love of the Divine–who is there to carry you when you don’t have the strength to carry yourself. And may all the blessings that are good & pure and full of light & harmony be with you now and always.

Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue
©Bella Bleue Healing, Health & Inspiration for Your Life™

10 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Sharing Your Story”

  1. Sharing our stories enables us to release the shame associated with them. There is something divine that happens when I connect with someone else’s story. In that moment, I know that I am not alone…

  2. Another beautiful post! That’s all so true. My life was controlled by bulimia since a very young age and it was only after i finally “came out”, first in a support group and then later on to my friends, that i was able to finally heal. It was a miraculous healing for me, too. Over 10 years of consuming, hopeless fighting against something that seemed so much bigger than me was over in a few months.
    Sharing has always helped me to come out of the worst pits of depression too. Unfortunately it has not kept me from falling back there… but this time I’m hopeful!

    Stay strong!

  3. Healing, happiness, and self-realization are all processes. And the greatest part of the process is the overwhelming gratitude we feel when we witness ourselves and our lives becoming whole again. It is the joy of this gratitude that inspires the sharing by wounded healers, like you Erin.

    By sharing your story and what you learned along the way in your personal journey, you have inspired many other people to face their own struggles and heal their wounds with the same faith, strength, and determination they see in you.

    There can be no greater privilege in Life than the suffering that creates a wounded healer.
    Wonderful post! Many Blessings!

  4. sharing how buddhist insights changed my life is everytime a healing experience. Perhaps because sharing this is practicing that I am indeed a spiritual being.


    1. I too find that sharing what deeply moves us, is healing as well. You are, we are, certainly spiritual beings. Thank you for your sharing of your Buddhist practices and all that moves you. Blessings, Erin

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