You are Enough with Some to Spare


Last week I posted a question, “What gives you inspiration in your life?” I was surprised and somewhat disappointed that no one had anything to share. The one comment I did get suggested that we miss inspiration in our life due to disillusionment, and often turn to something besides ourselves to find inspiration and more precisely fulfillment because we don’t trust enough in ourselves to be the amazing, wonderful, awesome persons we are.

I can say this statement with honesty on my back: During my year-and-a-half long battle with postpartum depression, there was frankly nothing in my life that could inspire me nor really fulfill me. I wanted to be inspired, I wanted to be the best mom and wife I could, but I didn’t trust that I was and instead of being inspired, and joyful, I was left empty and angry. I was angry with myself that I couldn’t be there for the ones I loved most, especially my husband and best friend, the ways they needed me to be. And for a long time I didn’t understand why I didn’t have the energy to be there for them. The only one I kept my spirits up for was my baby boy, but after I’d say good-night to him, I’d go to my room and cry. The never-ending sea of tears. I could have filled all of Lake Michigan with my tears. But I needed to cry, and I needed to be gentle with myself, gentle enough to finally say, yes I do need help.

We all need help in life. We need the encouragement of the ones we love to say to us, “You are an inspiration in my life.” You inspire me with your kindness, with your smile, with your touch, with your laughter, with your wonderful meals, your hospitality, your listening ear, your voice, your music, your dedication, your ability to say no, and so much more! Sometimes we just can’t get on the right road. We need our friends, and family to be our GPS. We need them to reveal to us the inspiration inside us, so we can trust more in the wonder we are and begin to heal ourselves.

You are amazing, wonderful and an inspiration to others! Don’t forget it! Make this belief a part of your day every day, and you will begin to feel inspired, and thus begin to heal. By healing you will be ‘inspired’ to share yourself, and others will learn from you and heal too! 

Remember, You are Enough Always!

Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue

©Bella Bleue Healing, Health & Inspiration for Your Life™

14 thoughts on “You are Enough with Some to Spare”

  1. It is by drawing water from the well that fresh water can replenish us. By sharing of ourselves, we can not only be a healing to others, we can receive healing from others.

      1. Thank you! Yes, and it is offering yourself that is the best gift, and often the one that is most challenging to give. We certainly were not put on this earth to be alone. We need each other, but we also have to love ourselves enough to both give and receive love.

  2. “By healing you will be ‘inspired’ to share yourself…”

    Thank you for this beautiful post. Your encouragement was just what I needed to read today.

    Thanks for sharing about your emptiness, pain, and tears. They are likely part of what made you such a deep and deeply caring person. The chasms carved by pain are places where we know we don’t ever want to go again… so we reach higher, towards joy.

    ~ Lily

    1. Thank you Lily! Your words since I’ve come in contact with you are so deeply wonderful, because they are so deeply you, and they humble me. I am honored to have crossed paths with you in this life. Blessings always, Erin

      1. Oh Erin, what a beautiful person you are.
        Thank you, and likewise!

        I love visiting your place, here.
        Keep up the good and happy work.


  3. Thank you for this beautiful post. I can relate as I suffer from clinical depression and sometimes think of it as a weakness or that I’m not enough. My journey is taking me to a place of acceptance and I’m getting to the point, slowly, but surely to believe that I am enough.

    1. Thank you for sharing too Michele. I have discovered that no matter where I am on my journey with depression, that each day is an opportunity to heal a little more. Blessings every day!

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