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Give Yourself a Chance

When I was looking around YouTube last week, I came across this video by chance; and both during and after the clip I felt very moved!  Take a look and note what you feel, from  Britain’s Got Talent

Sometimes we need to experience something rather than just read about it. Your feelings evoked through your senses can bring forth deep knowings of your own humanity.

But the deeper message here seems to be what the title of this blog is, and what Susan Boyle states, “I’d never been given the chance before.” Life is about taking chances, chances with sharing yourself-your gifts. When I worked with patients in the hospital who were near the end of their life, I would listen to their stories, their life-reviews. Often they would share with me, what had meant the most to them about their life journey: usually they talked about their relationships, or about their days as a dancer, pianist, artist, basketball player, boxer, etc. Sometimes they would tell me about a broken relationship they wished could have been fixed; or they would talk about gifts they never used–“I was a marvelous dancer but never did anything more with it when I got married;” “I always wanted to paint a mural but never offered my talents;” “I always wanted to restore vintage cars but never had the time,” and so on. I listened and talked with them, accompanying each of them so that they could find healing, and die without regret.

Something else one of my fellow bloggers mentioned to me, that I wanted share with you; he writes at; (see comments). The courage found in Susan Boyle to take her chance at sharing herself was not the moment she went up on the stage, but the moment in her life that she decided to make the journey to the show.  We have to make choices to get up and make our life change. What is the moment in your life that you are going to make the change to move towards bigger and better things in your life?

You are living right now! Instead of missing out on your life and wishing it could have been different, live your best life with the belief that

Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue
©Bella Bleue Healing, Health & Inspiration for Your Life™

8 thoughts on “Give Yourself a Chance”

  1. This is a great and inspiring video – I’ve watched it many times in the past and shared it often on Twitter. But here’s the thing, Susan doesn’t give herself the power when she states ‘Nobody ever gave me a chance before.’ The fact is, she gave herself the chance at long last. She got up that morning and went to the audition. She had the courage to go out on stage. She created that opportunity. Nobody ‘gave’ it to her. Let’s not get disillusioned with the idea that we are waiting for someone else to give us a chance. We must go and make our chance happen. We have the power, will we use it like Susan did. Thanks for this post. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I was inspired by your comment that Susan got up in the morning and gave herself a chance. I appreciated your thoughts so much that I decided to link your page, and mention what you suggested! Thank you again! Blessings!

  2. Erin, I JUST posted a poem on my blog about “stepping out into the darkness” — taking chances, just jumping, hearing the call of change and not having any idea what it is quite yet but jumping anyway. And I have found in my own life that when I jump, i don’t FALL…it’s as though the divine holds me up and I RISE! We are on the same wave length, dear friend!!! YES YES YES!!!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! Yes, I too believe the Divine holds us up too. It’s like when we take the chance to jump…it’s giving ourselves the opportunity to be more fully who we are..and we know as we become more fully who we are, we get closer and closer to the Divine! Wonderful! Wave-lengths are a good thing to be sharing in our case! YES!

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