The Earth’s Beautiful Harmony: Happy Earth Day 2013

Earth Day
The Earth Sings a Song of Beauty
The music it plays echos through the voices of Birds
Life is beautiful today…
Do you see the newness all around?
Mother Nature gives birth to bursts of colour
And the earth smiles at the breaths of Life
that the green leaves of the trees

Blades of Grass
Rose 1


Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue

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The Earth’s Healing Messages

The earth brings forth healing through its wondrous beauty, its inspiring growth, and its ability to survive even when faced with incredible storms.

These words, are ones I needed to write as my heart is finally able to grieve over the last week of sorrow, & uncertainty that has happened around our city. They are also words that remind me of endurance, and strength. And they are words, that I hope inspire you too. They certainly are not the words and images I would usually use for Earth Day, but they are the ones, that come from my heart right now.

  • Placing my hands in the dirt these last few days, to bring forth a fertile ground for my plants to grow, has been my comfort, and a place to leave my sorrow.
  • The wonder that comes as I watch new buds come peeking through the soil, and the anticipation to see the beautiful flowers that will peek out, gives me a sense of hope.
  • Knowing that life is still beautiful despite, the pain that has happened around my city this last week, brings healing to my weary heart.
  • Even though a plant may break, it has the strength to keep growing, and living. And that even after horrendous storms, roots that run deep and hold strong to the ground will not falter. We can overcome, and be strong and recover, because Love wins, and its roots always run deeper than any pain.
  • There is an amazing sense of calm and peacefulness that erupts gently within my heart, when I am at the top of the mountains, or along a beautiful coast line, and this connection to the earth transcends my spirit and brings me closer to the Divine.

What happens within you when you feel connected to the earth? Where has this happened for you? Go there in your imagination and allow yourself to feel.

Our wonderful Creator, knew we needed this earth. It is where we are able to connect to a sense of wonder, and awe. Experiencing the earth allows us to free our imaginations and inspires us to sing, paint, photograph, write, run, play ball, ski, climb trees, etc.

Earth Day Quote by Bella Bleue

The earth really is a place of wondrous healing.

How has the earth brought healing into your life?

Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue

© 2013. Bella Bleue Healing™ All Rights Reserved.
Please also visit my photography site: Photography by Bella Bleue.

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You Have Purpose Just as You Are

You have purpose. Your life is meaningful. You were created to be here at this time in history for a reason. You are a miracle. You are a living inspiration. You are a created wonder of the world. You are beautifully and wonderfully made.

I purchased a new Campanula Plant, a.k.a. the Blue Bell, the other day. As I wandered around the nursery the Blue Bell in particular caught my eye. As I looked at it I remembered it did something special, something I was interested in, but I couldn’t put my finger on it exactly. So I picked one out, one that needed some extra nurturing, and brought it home.

And after a web search, I remembered: the Blue Bell attracts Hummingbirds. It creates the nectar inside its flower that the Hummingbird enjoys. The Blue Bell has purpose. It was created for its beauty, but also as a source of food for the survival of the Hummingbird. I’d Love to see a hummingbird visit my yard. How amazing would that be?!

It is profoundly interesting how the created natural world teaches us about ourselves. The earth and all that dwells in it and from it, has purpose. Each living creature and organism, has a purpose. They create balance in the world that allows for our earth to survive; as well as, provide resources for our survival.

If you take this image of the Blue Bell, as being created to provide balance in the ecosystem,  and apply this to your own life, you too can begin to understand how you provide balance in the created world.

Sometimes we look too hard to discover what our purpose is. Sometimes we try to fill ourselves with words, and activities that we hope will give us some some idea of why we are here. By doing these things we often get in the way of ourselves: We are trying so hard, that we forget how to just be-How to just be YOU. Exactly as you are.

  • I invite you to take a step back and try not to worry about what you are supposed to do with your life, or to know exactly what your purpose is.
  • Instead try to just go about your day and live, being nothing more and nothing less than just who you are. And as you go about your day, take notice of how you co-exist with the earth, its creatures and other people you meet along your way.
  • Affirm yourself and tell yourself that your life makes a difference and that YOU are alive because the world needs you…somehow every day your life, YOU make the world around you no matter how big or small a better place to live because YOU are ALIVE.
For even in the depths of darkness or uncertainty your light shines, and your beauty is seen by all who cross paths with you. Trust this, and live this as your truth. 

Remember by just being YOU, you already have transformed life, and have purpose just as YOU are.

Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue
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