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Prayer for Our World

Prayer for Our World

God, please hear us, listen to the cries of our hearts.
We are afraid & uncertain of the world we live in right now.
Please help us God.
Please hear our prayers.
We need you to come to the earth & heal us.
We need you close to us.
Please bless all who are suffering.
Bless the dying.
Bless all who are hurting & grieving.
Please be with those who are lonely & frightened.
Bless all the caregivers.
God, please shine
your healing light upon us,
embrace us in your protection,
lift our burdens,
& bestow your mercy upon us.

Blessings upon you now & always, Erin.

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Blessing the New Year of YOU

Blessings on this New Year of YOU…!!


Happy New Year!

Blessings all around you, Erin

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