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Be Kind to Yourself: A Blessing of Self Love

These are hard days. I find myself getting weary as the evening falls upon us. The days are filled with daylight and busyness with my children. They are good distractions from the internal story I hold. But when evening comes, my mind quiets and I begin to feel all the confusion my body is holding. The confusion that wonders, how is all this real? This virus has altered life so suddenly. ..

How are you?

There was no way to prepare for how this would feel and there is no playbook to tell us how we will feel tomorrow and the next day; the only thing you can do is feel what is inside yourself at any given moment. And whatever you feel is okay. It’s real. .

You are not alone. I’m right here with you feeling it too. Each of us is right here with you, feeling it too. So be kind to yourself, and allow yourself to feel. You are amazing!

And I honor you for your honesty of being you. I honor the divinity of you.


How are you doing today?

I hold space for you. We all hold space for you.


Blessings upon you & all that you hold & feel, Erin

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Blessing the New Year of YOU

Blessings on this New Year of YOU…!!


Happy New Year!

Blessings all around you, Erin

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