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HopeFull Healing

Fill yourself with hope, and abundance will overflow within you.

What does being hopeful feel like within you?

For me it’s like an ocean flowing within me, and each time I think of something I am hopeful for a beautiful drop of water falls into my ocean, making a splash, sending ripples , and connecting other drops of hope together. It’s like filling myself up with goodness and peace. And the feeling is so full that  I have to connect to things outside myself, and share this wonderful energy with all that surrounds me. This sharing comes from the healthy longing I have for something good, something wonderful…

I call hope a healthy longing, because being hopeful, actually does make us healthier. For example: Have you ever reflected on when you’ve been sick with a cold? Most of us, when we are sick, may be frustrated that our cold is getting in our way. We may do things to take care of ourselves like, resting, getting our vitamin C, and drinking hot tea with honey. We do these things because they are good for us, but have you ever realized maybe you are doing these things also because you are hopeful that you will get better?  This HOPE to get better, motivates you to take care of yourself because you want to be well.  And within this HOPE is also your ability to imagine…you are able to imagine what you will feel like when you are better. Imagining something wonderful and good for you, fills your body with HOPE.  And this HOPE flows within you, filling your body with goodness, healing energy and love. Hope allows your body to rest, by filling your cells with positive energy; i.e., your body isn’t fighting something off instead it is creating balance, equilibrium.

Hope also creates a wonderful energy within our spirit. I often imagine hope is like a flame that keeps burning even when the oil has run out. This kind of hope ignites our spirit…invites us, and even forces us to move forward in a positive way. It creates a longing within our hearts that makes all that is good within us blossom within us. Hope removes our fear and disappointment and fills us with “confident expectations”  that what we want in life will truly happen for us.

I know that being hopeful has brought me through experiences and circumstances in my life, that I would not have gotten through without it. When I was depressed it was very challenging to be hopeful. But it was the one thing that did keep me going. I don’t know how I would have made it without some kind of hope. That is why I deeply believe that “hope is a flame that keeps burning even when the oil has run out.” I kept believing that one day things would be better, even in the midst of my “valley of tears.’ And it did. It is hope that continues to keep me moving forward—and in difficult times, it is the remembering of when I have been hopeful and life has brought me into the light of goodness that gives me strength.

What has hope done for you in your life?

Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue
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10 thoughts on “HopeFull Healing”

    1. Thank you Jonathan. 🙂 I like you sharing of the saying, “Hope springs eternal.” I do very much believe that myself. Hope is a wonderful source and feeling isn’t it? I hope you are well today, Blessings, Erin

  1. Erin,

    I am so grateful for the connection you and I seem to share. As I was waking up this morning, I was considering whether to write for the blog or work on the book today. I felt inspired by thoughts of gratitude and hope and how the two tie together so indispensably. Not sure which direction to go (blog or book), I checked emails to buy myself more time. And, that is when I found this beautifully inspiring and wonderfully wise post from you that addresses the topic so aptly that there is little I could manage to add. What a wonderful affirmation . . . of so many things.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all.
    Blessings, love & light,

    1. Thank you, Sloan…I too appreciate the connection we have. How wonderful you are writing a book. What a blessing to the world! I might be too late in my response today, but I say, follow whatever your heart feels passionate about today. I find that when I have writer’s block…which was happening lately… that I need to nourish other parts of myself that fulfill me. So whichever, fulfills you today! Thank you for your kindness and support always. I am truly touched. Blessings all around you, Erin

  2. Erin, such a lovely testament – and much needed to read this today. Will keep your words close as I continue to nurture my own “hope” in every way I can possibly think of. Much Love dear friend ~ xo

    1. Robyn, I “hope” with all my heart that whatever you hope for, and however you get there that the road is gentle with you, and that your spirit is nourished with all that you need. Blessings friend, Erin

  3. Hi Erin! I hope you and your family are well and happy. I just read this, and Hope is my word, my feeling, of the day. Hopeful poetry and so on… so as often, you are echoing and reinforcing my sentiments, feelings, and needs. Hugs, peace, and happiness ~ Lily

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