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How a Simple Gesture of Love Can Ignite Your Imagination

It is amazing how a simple car ride can suddenly ignite your imagination. I was sitting at a red light and glanced at a few people walking through the bus stop parking lot. It’s a special parking lot. The people who put their feet on its grounds bring stories with them: they are on their way to a life journey after a flight in the sky.

I noticed an elderly couple walking to a car: I began to create scenarios in my mind: I imagined they must be returning from a trip. So often people return to the Northeast for the summer after a winter down South. I imagined they were feeling happy to be back…and then I saw a woman approach. She gestured to them, and they walked toward her: luggage in hand.

And then the moment: Open arms reaching and connecting bodies, hearts and “I’m so glad you are here” all in one spontaneous moment of a Hug.

My imagination took me down a new path. I imagined the women are sisters. They live across the country from each other. Over the years their children have played, but are grown now with children of their own. They have a long history of memories. They recall how they used to talk about moments like these when they were young women, but now these moments are real. They are living these moments right now.  And they create a  memory for their future moments starting with a Hug.

There’s something about the connection of human touch sprinkled with love that ignites a feeling of gratitude for being alive, either as the observer or the actual receiver of this love.

What do you imagine when you watch people connect to each other through out the day? Here’s the opening clip of Love Actually to inspire your imagination.

Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue
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9 thoughts on “How a Simple Gesture of Love Can Ignite Your Imagination”

  1. Erin I do this sort of thing quite often… love to watch people and imagine what their unique stories, feelings, philosophies about life are. I also tend to speak to strangers a lot- so sometimes can get the real scoop, which is sometimes way different than my dreaming mind conjured. Great post – and think this type of ‘work’ fuels the connections we all have to one another. Much Love ~ RL

    1. I like your words: that this “type of work fuels connections.” ‘Fueling connections’ in our lives is so important for our well being…Thank you! It is fun to imagine isn’t it?—You seem to be so good at this with your wonderful poems that go along with your photography! I hope you are well today:) Blessings always, Erin

      1. Thanks Erin — yes I suppose I do ‘make up’ stories for many of my photos ~ I think stories are important. Sending Love ~

    1. Thank you, Thomas 🙂 Yes there is something about being mindful that really allows our creative process to be nurtured and explored. And when we explore our creativity it is amazing how the transformation that happens within us can be even more profound than we could imagined. Blessings to you!

  2. I oftentimes will look at all the other vehicles when I’m at a traffic light and think the same thing….there are soooo many stories to tell. Each occupant of a vehicle is a living, breathing story. So many do not get told! When I interact with people and something impressionable happens I will write about it. Through me many snippets of life stories have been recorded for those who just don’t think to do it. Great post, as always Erin!

  3. Thank you 🙂 I imagine you have this occur frequently in your life—as you are the receiver of so many who want to tell you their stories. I imagine you can see someone at times, and be thinking about them, and then they approach you? And what a wonderful image of your gifts: You hold the untold stories as sacred and give them a history. Thank you for your wonderful blessings you share. Blessings to you always, Erin

  4. It is funny, but i always do that. i always imagine the full scenario, the full story. I also noticed that my stories imagined depend a lot on my mood and how i am feeling. When I’m fine and happy my stories would all be nice, and when I’m sad and desperate, my stories are dangerous and painful.
    I’m thinking now, how about doing the opposite and imagine the nice story in order to change my mood?

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