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Connecting Beyond the Boundaries of Space and Time

One of the best gifts of being a ‘blogger’ is meeting and connecting with people across the globe who share their wisdom, strength, pain, healing, inspiration, art and so much more.  In this day and age of the cyber-world, it is amazing how connected we can be with people we’ve never met before, and yet, they transform our lives and we are transforming theirs. I am so astounded by the heart-felt sharing that happens here in this little piece of the world I am apart of. And I again, want to say thank you! Each of you is a Blessing!

I am finding that in some ways, I am at a lack of words to express all that I want to say tonight. I realize that I am pretty drained right now—so much of my energy over the last few weeks was being consumed by the discernment I was personally and collectively undergoing about my family’s future. And I need a reboot.  All is well, now. We have figured out what we need. We have worked on being more affirming of the gifts we have, accepting challenges that aren’t always fun, and trusting more in our faith.

Thank you for the gift of your listening hearts and beautiful sharing.

In life we need each other. I know I have said this so many times before. But it is so very deeply true to who we are, as human beings. We yearn for connection, and it is the greatest source of tangible strength that we have—and at least in this day and age it comes not only through the person who sits beside us, or the pet we have, but through the words and messages of the people who grace our Blog page.

So give yourself a pat on the back, and know you are making a difference in someone’s life today.

Thank you for your incredible gifts!

Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue
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10 thoughts on “Connecting Beyond the Boundaries of Space and Time”

  1. Yes, very true. One can connect to so many people out there. It is often a good thing to share one`s dreams or thought with others.

  2. “In life we need each other.” It’s true. I need you. I need the love and support I am having from my new family, the real family I met online.

    1. Yes, we all need each other…and through the mystery of the benevolent and loving universe it seems when we call for love and support from deep in our souls that somehow the love and support comes to us and fills us. How are you today? Blessings, Erin

  3. Taking this journey with others of like mind and spirit has made all the difference for me. Blessings to you, Erin, for creating this little corner of the world where all of us (even other writers) can come for inspiration, guidance, and fellowship. I’m sure everyone would agree, it’s nice that we can occasionally be here for you too. Many blessings, Sloan

I love learning from your sharing & wisdom.

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