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Your Spirit is Resilient: Hope dwells inside You

Hope Quote for Social Isolation

“Even though life may be really hard right now,
remember there is a deep place of Hope
that lies inside each of us.
Surrender to the hope the lies within you
let it lift you from the darkness
just as the flower turns to the sun
and opens itself to be held in the light.”

The last few days have been hard days. And I imagine there will be more challenging days ahead. My nervous system has been on high alert since the changes in our daily lives happened two weeks ago. Having more of an awareness of my own grief and the collective grief we all feel has helped me calm myself, as I realize more and more that we are all in this together. It has also helped me recognize how I need to be so much kinder to myself. We all need to be kinder to ourselves. We need to be intentional about caring for ourselves. We need to give ourselves the chance to heal day by day.

Self-care is not something I am always very good at. My three children keep me busy. And now that they are all home for the next couple months I am finding I need to be even more intentional about taking time for myself so that I am able to take on life’s storms without feeling completely overwhelmed. Today was a day I was able to have a moment of genuine self-kindness. The late morning sun was shining brightly. My children wanted to play outside, so I joined them. They ran to play in the dirt, digging with shovels. So I took this opportunity to enjoy the sun. I pulled a lawn chair out and sat down. I didn’t realize how much I needed the sun to warm my face, until I was able to be still for a few seconds. My husband and I enjoy superhero shows. We were watching Superman with my son the other night and got to talking about how Superman revitalizes his body and strength through the sun. As I sat outside I thought about this and let the sun soak into my being. This moment was short-lived: my 2 year old needed my help on the slide, but it was long enough to awaken some hopefulness inside me. As I reflect on this moment I realize that the earth, creation as it is in its wholeness, is still here happening all around us. The rising of the sun is constant. It has not left us in our darkest time. It continues to shine. It continues to awaken the earth into the birthing of spring. The melodies of the birds have not changed. They still sing with the sun’s rising and celebrate its light throughout the day. And even though each bud is hidden beneath the darkness of the soil, they still rise. They rise above the darkness and they follow the light.

This rising is a metaphor for us all. The sun is our gift right now. It is beckoning us to rise from our darkness, by shining its light upon us. It is giving us HOPE; it is telling us that being in ‘this darkness’ is not permanent. We too will rise again, different and better.

What do you hope for? What does hope feel like for you?

May your day be filled with something that brings about hope within you. Remember that your spirit is resilient. You have overcome difficulties in your life before. Remember these moments of your rising up from the darkness. You will overcome again.

Let HOPE grow inside you. Your hope awakens hope in others. We continue to change the vibration of the world with the energy of hope that we share.

Blessings of Hope to you, and for us all,

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