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We need Calm in our lives right now: the Earth gives us this gift


What so many of us need to feel again. A deep internal calm. Right now the vibration around many of us is one of unsettled feelings. And this is not our norm, not the familiar. So how do you change your vibration?

Open your eyes.

You need to recharge your inner light. The spark within you that guides you towards yourself, towards Love again. It still burns inside you. Feel this spark inside you. Let it become bigger, brighter. Take yourself out into nature to recharge the calm in your nervous system. Look out into the light of the universe. Listen to the sounds of the ocean waves. Watch the awesomeness of the rising moon. Soak up the warm hues of the evening sky into your eyes, into your soul.

Then, let your soul fall into the feelings the earth calls forth within you. And as you do, fill your body with the calm and the love of the earth for you. Then open your arms wide and send your light into the world. You are the magic now. You are transforming the world’s vibration into Love.

And as each of us transform the earth’s vibration into love, our nervous systems will begin to calm. And as we calm, we we will begin to heal.

Bless you with gifts of calm. Thank you for this gift of you, Erin🦋

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