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Offering Yourself Compassion During Social Distancing: A Daily Ritual of Self-Love

How have you been today?

These days have filled me with lots of mixed feelings. I go from feeling tired to feeling okay, to feeling frustrated to feeling okay, to feeling okay and then tired again. I guess it’s this cycle of grief I feel. Do you find yourself grieving still too? During the days, my kids keep me busy, but I’m also filled with their emotions and energy that they are releasing about everything that seems out of place to them. So by night I am filled with my own feelings, plus all of their feelings.  I notice that my body seems most agitated before I go to bed. Many of us probably feel this too. It seems to be the time that everything settles, and we become aware of how much our bodies are holding. Therefore, I’ve been doing my best to offer myself some healing before I close my eyes; to release the tension in my body; and to help my dreams be more peaceful. I realize I need to be compassionate with myself.

To heal during this time we each need to offer ourselves compassion. When you offer yourself compassion, you are allowing yourself to feel what you need to feel and understanding that feeling what you do is okay. Then you are able to allow yourself to begin to heal. You might do healthy things to alleviate your suffering or you may just need to be open and accepting of yourself by allowing yourself to feel and experience your emotions. This gift of compassion towards yourself, is a gift of Self-Love.

This is my blessing for you tonight. It is a ritual of Self-Love and Compassion that each of us can do any time during the day or right before bed.

Compassion Quote for Everyone during the Coronavirus

Blessings of Compassion upon you, Erin

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