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Nature Blesses Us with Hope in Early Spring

Purple Crocus Flowers


The Crocus Flower is one of the first signs of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. These tiny purple white and sometimes yellow flowers adorn the earth and fill our eyes with little bits of beauty. They are a reminder that the earth is awakening again from its winter rest. And they are a reminder that the cycle of life from death to rebirth is happening again.

Look at these little flowers…

White Crocus Flowers


There is so much hope that lies within each of these flowers. Think of yourself when you see them rising up in the earth at the beginning of spring. They make you feel excited that spring is starting. They fill you with HOPE for new days, longer sunlit skies, colorful plants, green leaves and warmer days.

This beauty transcends into your heart and flows into your soul as you are filled with this gift of divine grace.

Open yourself and feel the divine gift of nature given to you. This gift [of flowers] is not just here for us to see…it is here to awaken our souls to the wonder of life and the hope that lies within each of us.

Blessings, Erin

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