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Let Your Spirit Soar

Let Your Spirit Soar

How are you?

Today my family and I were walking in our neighborhood and this magnificent Red Tailed Hawk flew low over us a couple times. I always carry my camera with me and was blessed to capture this magical bird as it soared, wings open wide…

Hawks are known as Spirit messengers, and as I gazed upon this photograph, the message I believe the bird is inviting us to experience is Peace.

Our world feels very upside down right now, but nature in its divine design reminds us that there is balance and harmony at the center of all things, including us. This is peace: being centered, feeling whole within ourselves…

So look into the skies. Let the blue light of day calm you and as it does let yourself fly: dream again, hope, and feel the love of creation holding you upon its breath.🦋

Blessings, Erin

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