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Inner Strength

Do we all have inner strength within us, no matter what we’ve been through in life? Or is inner strength something we have to develop?

What do you think? 

These two questions were brought to my attention after my post last week.

And, I replied:

I believe we all have inner strength within us…each time we have survived we have because of a longing to live, which is strength to me. I also believe that we become stronger as we go forward…and by going forward I mean we choose to live and not give up…and although we may not recognize the strength we have in ourselves as we go through the challenge we are facing, when the time is right we can begin to learn more about ourselves, and by learning more about ourselves we hopefully lean to love ourselves deeper, which also allows that inner strength to be stronger.

When I was 6 years old, my life changed suddenly. I changed from a healthy little girl, who was swimming state times in the pool, to a little girl who couldn’t crawl down the hallway. I was blessed to survive and recover from all that happened to my little body as a result of a horrible infection. But that illness changed who I was, and transformed me into who I am now. There were days when I would look at photos of myself before my illness, and wonder what my life would have been like if I never had been ill. That wondering, diminished my self worth; i.e., it took away from my ability to find meaning and enjoyment in my present life—we easily can take strength away from ourselves when we diminish our self worth.  But then I would walk away from the photo, and I would go about my day.  I wanted to LIVE, and that desire was stronger than any other. And nothing was going to get in my way to survive.  So even at 6 years old, I discovered that I had an amazing inner strength. And as I began to Live my life the way it was after my illness I began to recognize and accept that my life wasn’t split in two:  I was being unfair to myself to say, “if only” I hadn’t been sick then who would I have been? Instead, because I chose to Live, I had to recognize that  the experience of my illness is a part of my life and my story. The person I am today is who I am meant to be. And each day, I learn more about who I am. This is STRENGTH.

Being able to say, ” I am me. I am who I am meant to be today,” is STRENGTH.  And each day, that you remember this, and make this a part of your daily belief, You grow STRONGER.  Each and every one of us, grows STRONGER when we trust in ourselves.  And trusting in yourself becomes even STRONGER when you realize that you are where you need to be in life, But,  if you are uncomfortable where you are [within] yourself, then you need to make a change. And even recognizing this need for change, is STRENGTH.

  How about you? What makes you feel STRONGER or allows you to celebrate and care for your own Inner Strength? 

Your life is a GIFT. No matter what befalls you, if you choose to LIVE, you will always be STRONG, because you are giving yourself permission to survive, and this inner strength,  will grow stronger, the more you celebrate your life, and let go of the  “if only.”

Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue
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7 thoughts on “Inner Strength”

  1. This post is powerful. I especially loved your thought that even recognizing the need for change is itself strength.

    I feel stronger because I write. I am able to see growth and changed through what I’ve journaled over the years, and this keeps me mindful of my strength.

  2. It is amazing how much writing gives us strength…I totally agree with you there. I also like your word, “mindful” it is so fitting for embracing our inner strength. I hope you have a wonderful day, CJ. Blessings to you, and strength along your journey, Erin

  3. Great post, Erin.

    The word “strength” encompasses so much, doesn’t it? Strength includes courage, determination, perseverance, humility, compassion, and more. There is a wellspring of “strength” that lies within each of us. Sometimes, however, we get so distracted by what is happening outside of us that we forget to look inward for the strength we need. We forget to have faith — in ourselves and in our higher power. If we can remember our faith – in ourselves and in our higher power — we will always emerge from whatever “circumstances” surround us and make us feel so weak. The very process of believing in ourselves, trusting our higher power, trusting Life and taking one more step forward (even when we are tired and weary) is enough to set in motion a cosmic chain reaction that will lift us back onto our feet and bring us one step closer to the liberation we need. Life is a gift. Love is a gift. You are a gift.

    Thank you for all that you do. Blessings, love & light, Sloan

  4. Incredible testament that you have shared here Erin… Even as a small child that instinctual desire to be strong, to survive, is clearly present. It is true… every experience is part of our unique stories and even when things are not as we might wish, or pray, or desire ~ there is always something driving the spirit if we allow. Thank you for this post today dear one … excellent as always! Blessings and Love ~R

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