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Sending Your Needs into the Arms of the Universe & Receiving Love in Return

One of the most wonderful gifts of creation is the gifts of our pets. When we need a truly non-judgmental presence of Love, our pets are there to offer their unconditional Love. It certainly seems like there is truth in the belief that animals have a sixth sense…especially when you share your energy and love with them…they become uncannily in-tune with what you need. Yesterday, in the midst of my uncertainty I was graced by the Love of my cat, Max. He often comes and lays next to me in our bed, but yesterday he actually tried to sit on my head–as though he was saying, “Just relax your mind! Everything is going to be okay.”

The benevolent energy & love of the universe sent this little creature to be with me. I sent my need for a peace of mind into the arms of the Divine and creation. And my cat Max made sure I noticed that my need was being answered. In fact he was trying so hard to stay on my head, that I was having a hard time shaking him off. When I finally did get him to move, he came and sat right on my belly, and put his paws near my heart, and purred away—whenever I feel like my equilibrium is off it always comes from the center of my being.  So having my cat lay right in the center of my being and expressing his affection for me through his purring, centered me, and reaffirmed to me that, “Yes everything is going to be okay.” I just need to trust, and be open to being guided.

What has your experience of being Loved by your pet done for you in your life? 

Blessings, Bella Bleue
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5 thoughts on “Sending Your Needs into the Arms of the Universe & Receiving Love in Return”

    1. I also have a dog, he’s a boxer-pitbull mix and such a sweet fella. He likes cuddling up too..He just weighs too much to sit on my head! Do you have a German Sheppard? They are beautiful animals! We see them when we go to the “Dog Park.” Where the pups all play together! Blessings, Erin

  1. I can COMPLETELY understand and share your experience as my cats do the same thing, and dogs. Animals are so sensitive and with mine, we develop almost a psychic link together so when I have physical, mental or spiritual issues going on they pick right up on it and are willing to lick away tears, cuddle, become massage therapists (my cat Amber will knead my belly before she lays on it and feels so great lol) and just let me hold them…a comfort beyond understanding and for me a tangible experience with the divine.

I love learning from your sharing & wisdom.

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