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Prayer for Healing: A Healing Prayer for You

Prayers for Healing Coronavirus

O, Gracious Spirit of Divine Love,
Hear the prayers of our hearts.
May you bless our bodies with healing and strength,
as we take each breath,
so that our lungs are filled with peace,
a peace that moves through our bodies
releasing us from anxiety, worry and fear.
Please shine your light of hope upon our hearts and minds
so as we sit inside our homes
we become inspired to express ourselves
in new and creative ways
ways that bless the world with healing,
a healing that comes from the light in our hearts
that are filled with your love.

May we remember that we are never alone in our every days,
for You are always with us.
You are in the opening of each new flower,
in the song of every bird;
you are in the smile of every child,
in the care of every person’s hands;
you are in the melody of the wind,
in the rising and the setting sun;
you are in the flickers of the night’s stars,
and in the light of the moon.

Please help us, Spirit of Divine Love,
by blessing our world with your love,
your protection,
your guiding heart of wisdom,
and your grace.
And forever and ever have mercy upon us.
Thank you for your astounding Love.

Blessings of healing to you, Erin

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