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The Epiphany of the Glorious Night Sky

Blessing of the Night Sky

In the early weeks of December the Moon was shining in the morning sky amongst the blue skies and light of day. It was a beautiful sight that filled me with a sense of happiness and calm. I felt as though the universe was saying, “I am glad you are here.” There is such beautiful wonder in this earth we are blessed to live upon and interact with.

As I write of this beautiful encounter of the Moon my mind begins to think of the Magi with their eyes toward the skies. I imagine they witnessed so much majesty in the night skies. And being so in tune with the natural world they were able to not only see but feel there was a deep LOVE awakening in the universe…a LOVE that has always been here but was birthing itself in a way that people could witness and feel close to.

The Magi noticed a glorious light in the night sky. They were able to pause and notice not only with their eyes but also with their hearts that there was a birthing of grace in this glorious lightTheir openness and awareness of listening to their hearts allowed them to follow the glorious light and see where it lead them- to receive the gift of great LOVE. And their awareness and calm in noticing and being connected to the natural world allowed them to be changed by this LOVE.

This LOVE is still here…

All around you.

Our Earth and skies are filled with blessings of divine LOVE. Allow yourself to take the time to pause and look up at the skies. And as you do may you too feel this great LOVE for you.

Be still.

Listen to your own breathing.

Calm your mind.


And open yourself to all the wonder.

Blessings, Erin

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