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Change your vibration and heal the world

For a good few minutes, I forgot about what was happening in the world and felt like me. It happens from time to time, usually when I let my nervous system go off high alert, and I watch T.V. covered with a warm blanket over my lap, drifting off into the world on the show, forgetting my own. But of course the waking up happens, and my nerves go back into shock, and I realize I’m not dreaming. This kind of waking and sleeping of my body is so confusing. Nightmares are supposed to be dreams and real life is supposed to feel “normal” and safe, right?

I was watching “The Flash” Season 2 with my husband. Barry Allen is in battle with Metahumans from Earth 2. They have come to cause havoc on our earth. And of course The Flash and his team have to figure out how to conquer them. They realize that these Metahumans vibrate on a different frequency than humans on our earth do. Barry’s team realizes they need to create a sound that confuses their nervous systems and then the Metahumans no longer can cause harm. And as I watched this it dawned on me how this is the story we are living right now.  We are sitting here in our homes on our Earth and The Virus* has come to cause havoc. And it vibrates at a different frequency than people do. It’s frequency is void of LOVE, it is of something else. It is causing more than just fear and anxiety, it is causing us to be separate from each other. It is taking from our way of life. It is shutting down the places we go for fun, taking from our earnings, isolating us—the things that are opposite to our humanness. And as The Virus does this it is changing the vibration in the earth and in us. And thus, we need to go beyond protecting ourselves and fight back in full force with our hearts. We need to LOVE Greatly; we need to open our hearts in a profound way. We need to take all the love that we have inside ourselves…that deep love we have for our children, our pets, our families, that LOVE that is the divine creation of us, and we need to open ourselves in multitudes, beaming that love straight from our hearts into the world, into the universe. Then when This Virus comes floating by it no longer can find us because our frequency has changed. And then we win.

But winning is more than just conquering The Virus. It’s an awakening in ourselves to our true essence. Just imagine when we conquer the fear and anxiety that consumes so many of us, and walk out our doors to reconnect with one another with love deeply shining from our hearts how incredible life will be. I can feel it. Can you? And when we awaken and find each other shining our Love and light intentionally out into the world we will discover nothing can really harm us; and a great healing will happen. You can change the vibration of the earth; you are a force of love and a spirit of hope at work in the world.

So take some intentional time out of your day and open your heart into the world. Let love beam from you in whatever way feels natural to you: a prayer, a song, a dance, words on paper, meditation, art or anything else. Imagine this world of ours full of your love and full of the love of each person. Pretty awesome, hu?

Blessings upon you now & always, Erin.

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*The Coronavirus 2020.