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Coffee Healing: A New Flavour

Healing Bleue Coffee

So I’ve started reading “O” The Oprah Magazine, and I’m really truly enjoying it! I am always searching for healing, as you know, and so often the articles touch on just that. The thought to leave you with today is from Roma Downey. She says,

Pausing between stimulus and response allows you to show up in your life.–The first of Five things she knows for sure.

Hum, showing up in life? I’m not sure if I fully got what she was saying, but I think what she was leaving us with, is find something in your life that breaks up the beginning and the end of your story, your moment, your day. She shares about her wonderful family ritual of drinking tea, whenever they had something to share with each other. So when her dad passed away, she made a cup of tea, and it helped her pause in the moment. The tea reconnected her to her father, her family, and at the same time centered her.

We all need that “something” maybe a cup of tea, maybe a song, maybe a prayer…that takes us out of the extreme and puts us back into the ordinary, the safe place, our comfort zone.

My something I guess would be having coffee with my husband. It does center both of us. It is a happy time of day. It’s a moment in time that’s us.

Coffee Healing

What helps you feel reconnected to life when you are stressed, overwhelmed, or caught up in something that’s not really you?

What helps you Pause, so that you can reconnect with yourself?

Blessings, Erin

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