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The Wisdom of Children

So my son is 2 1/2 years old now. He’s been a talker since he was able to mumble a word. He was never very strong physically as a baby, but I will say his mind certainly was always working. So today, I thought I’d share some tuna fish with him. He gave it a try. He took a bite and gently shaking his head, said, “Mama, I don’t really like this very much.” Now it wasn’t a, “I don’t like it.” or a famous toddler move of spitting it all over the floor, but a sincere, “Not very much.”

It reminded me of days in my life, when I didn’t have the courage to say I didn’t like something very much because I thought I could only say yes or no, and let things just go on by me.

That’s one of the ugly things about depression. It doesn’t really let you see the in-between, and then instead, the ‘yeses’ or ‘nos’ become a large pit of anger just waiting to burst.

I guess that’s why Our Creator, gave us little children to learn from. They remind us how to be human in the most basic ways. And they teach us that it is okay to have an opnion because what we feel does matter.

I love learning from your sharing & wisdom.

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