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Prayer for Ukraine and Our World

You have a prayer in your heart. Lift it up into the world.

We are each created with the Divine inside us- where the true essence of our Light and Love dwells.
May you feel this
and be aware of this spiritual part of yourself—
& offer up a prayer
—for our world
—for the peoples of our Earth
—for the creatures that dwell in the lands, waters and sky
—for Mother Earth
our home.
Feel this prayer in your body and
ask your ancestors and Angels to pray for our world & earth too
Please Divine Source of Love,
hear our prayers and listen to us as we call out to You.

***Ukraine is one of the largest growers of Sunflowers (a small one pictured above from my garden). Sunflowers turn towards the sun and follow the light throughout the day. They are filled with Light: The Divine Light of our Sun: The Divine Light of nature. May their glorious gift of Light be felt in your prayer and each time you see one may you lift your heart up in prayer for our world, the peoples, creatures and lands.

Blessings, Erin

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