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Prayer for the Dying

I spend a lot of time thinking, and reflecting as many writers do. I offer up love into the world frequently: prayers for those who need them, prayers for all of us.

I wrote this prayer for the dying: maybe they are words that can be offered to the dying by the person who is with them. Maybe they are words you can offer from you heart into our world as so many are taking their last breaths from the Coronavirus. Maybe they are words that speak to you in another way.

Blessings upon the nurses, the doctors, the med students, the chaplains, all those who are at the bedside when when families can’t be there, especially these days with all that is happening in our world. And bless all of our families and friends, all of us, who are not able to be with Loved Ones when they die. May they know they are not alone in their grief. We are never alone in our grief. We are all here for each other in our pain. We all hold each other in our hearts.

Prayers for the Dying Coronavirus

It’s okay to let go,
I’m right here with you,
It’s okay to let go,
You’ve done your very best,
as you go beyond this place,
You will find that Love will carry you
to where you are going now.
And light will come upon you
filling you with peace.
You will be here always with those you Love,
you will be in the wind that blows in their hair,
you will be in the light of the sun that shines upon their faces,
you will be in the smell of their clothes,
in their photographs of memories,
you will always be with them,
deep in their hearts
they will always hear you,
feel you,
know you are there
in the most special of ways that are yours to share.
And know that you are deeply LOVED today,
You are forever Loved, throughout all eternity,
And forevermore.


And as, Imagine Dragons sing in their song, Birds: “Love will never die….I hope to see you again…”

Blessings upon all you feel in your heart, Erin


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