A New Photography Website by Bella Bleue…I hope you’ll take a look!

One of my deep passions in life is my photography. In order to nourish this passion more, I have created a new site called Naturescapes, Flowerscapes & Cityscapes: Photography by Bella Bleue. I invite you to stop by from time to time. As many of you know, the natural world nourishes my spirit and inspires many of my posts on Bella Bleue Healing. I am reblogging this post today, but will only do this from time to time. If you find my photography site speaks to you, as always it is a blessing to have you along in the journey. May you celebrate your inner gifts and share them, for when you do those who cross paths with you receive blessings.

Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue
Copyright, Bella Bleue Healing, Health & Inspiration for Your Life TM. All Rights Reserved.

If you would like to follow along my photography site. You can click on the link title: Nurture Your Spirit with Love & Compassion. I will also be creating a link in my page section.

Blessings again, Erin


I love turning to nature to fill the empty gaps in my spirit. Pink offers us feelings of compassion & love…and encourages us to give and receive nurturing.  I have sprinkled pinks around my gardens to remind me to offer myself compassion throughout my day. These beautiful pink flowers of the Moss Rose plant nurture my spirit.  I hope as your eyes soak up the pink hues, your mind, body and spirit are blessed with compassion and love.

 See link for more about pink.

©Photography by Bella Bleue: Naturescapes, Flowerscapes & Cityscapes. All rights reserved.

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