About Erin Keane, Bella Bleue

Bella Bleue,Beautiful Blue
Blue is a color that speaks deeply about who I am.
I have big blue eyes.
My favorite color is blue.
My favorite places in nature are up in the mountains near the blue sky or by the ocean blue.
My bedroom is blue.
My car is blue.
I wear a blue sapphire ring.
My wedding dress had blue flowers and my bridesmaids wore blue.
My son has big blue eyes that look like mine.
My husband’s eyes are blue.

Coincidentally, I’m often described as having a blue aura:
“Cool, calm, and collected. Caring, loving, love to help others, sensitive, intuitive” that’s me…Well most of the time!
This blue aura describes the characteristics that motivated me to answer whaEProfilet I feel was part of my calling in life: For 8 years, before becoming a stay-at-home
mom (now for 6 years), I was a hospital chaplain–I provided spiritual and emotional support to the chronically ill , newly diagnosed, and dying patients I had the honor of meeting and often their families as well.

Furthermore, I’m searching to find ways to share healing and inspiration with others (why this blog exists) and blue relates to the throat chakra which represents health…what I want to encourage in us all. And it speaks of self expression: I’m hoping my sharing will encourage others to share or more importantly look deeper into themselves and discover even more fully the wondrous miracles they are.

And blue has nourished my faith. When I was a teen my mom gave me a picture of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. She is dressed in a shiny blue dress. I was struck by it in a way I hadn’t been with other spiritual images. It has been a wonderful gift to look to her as a woman and a mother. She has helped me understand that the Divine, who I call God, watches over all of us with a great love. This love shines through very deeply when we share our care for one another with each other. God is our care-giver: God has created our world and all that is in it to inspire us, heal us, teach us, and nourish us.

When I began writing this blog, I thought telling my story was what I was being asked to do…Do you ever get a feeling inside, that you just have to do something? That’s what being asked to do is like for me…Telling my story is part of the answer. The other part that I’ve discovered so far is to share what moves me spiritually. By doing this I hope that each and every one of you who come to visit will discover what an amazing, awesome, incredible wonder you are! I hope you discover a deeper sense of yourself each time you visit!

Blessings to you each and every day, Erin, Bella Bleue
©Bella Bleue Healing™

32 thoughts on “About Erin Keane, Bella Bleue”

  1. Hi Erin… thank you for visiting my blog… actually I was eating blueberries when I read your bio. I thought of the Blue Mountains, a couple of hours from Sydney. Apparently, it’s the gas given off by the gum trees which cause the blue hue across the forests. What a wonder is colour! I’m inspired by this quote: “We admit that black is not a color, because it reflects no light. So evil should be denied identity or power, because it has none of the divine hues.” ~ Mary Baker Eddy. The word “evil” can be replaced with anything that is not from divine goodness… like hatred, fear, depression, sickness etc. May your day be filled with rich colours.

  2. Thank you for liking my poem A Walk in the Woods.
    It is my favourite poem that I have written so far.
    It was inspired by my beautiful niece – she and my nephew never fail to make me laugh.
    I love your blog – it has made me feel happy when I woke up sad today
    Wendy x

  3. Hi Erin,
    Thank you for visiting my bog and “liking” it. I feel we have much in common. My times of depression (although challenging to go through) have brought me many blessings. I also volunteered Reiki at a local hospice where, I too, felt truly honored to be with families as their loved ones transitioned. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Your writing is honest and beautiful. Thank you for sharing you.

    1. Thank you Toni! There is truth that as we journey through depression, there are blessings revealed to us. I have had that experience too. Thank you for sharing about you too. What a wonderful gift to share with the hospice patients. I know a bit about Reiki, and have had a treatment before..It is wonderful! What a gift you have to share! Blessings, Erin

  4. Loved the thoughts you presented on healing of those in need. But sometimes we need healing too. When I feel sad, I look for the sunshine and beauty that life often presents in a rainbow of colors. I wish you lots of sunshine today and a rainbow after every storm.

    1. Thank you for your blessing. Yes, every single one of us needs some kind of healing in our life. Every single one of us is in need in some form. Your photos with your daughter are beautiful. What an incredible blessing our children are in our lives. I know being a mom, we give a lot of ourselves to our children and our families. May you be blessed with the rainbows of healing in your life that you need and seek. I too look to nature for inspiration, and joy.
      Blessings to you always, Erin, Bella Bleue

  5. Hi Bella
    Your blog was nice I liked your recent post Connecting Beyond the Boundaries of Space and Time it was very good post

  6. Erin, I absolutely LOVE your new pictures and display at the top! So beautiful. And your tagline too. So YOU and so needed in our world! Yes, moment to moment. That’s all we have! Love, Lisa

  7. Bella, such a lovely, peaceful and inspiring space you have created here and I thank you for sharing it widely.. so glad I stumbled upon this site. There’s so much to learn! I’ll def be back.. peace.

  8. BEAUTIFUL photo. =) But that’s largely for the lovely heart, too. I wish I had the TIME to talk more with you! I share this post not as a boast, as so many bloggers have a string of awards on their online mantle. The post happens to give you my profile…the part of me you would see appreciates your work. I’d love to show you my herbal/homeopathic pantry. Been meaning to post a pic one of these days.


    The other post of yours I LIKED reminded me of these thoughts on color and beauty:



    1. Holistic Wayfarer, Thank you for stopping by! I’m so sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I had a hiatus from writing for a while, and took time to focus on my photography. I’m on my way to viewing your blog too. Sounds like we have similar paths in our journey.
      Blessings, Erin

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