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Prayer during Difficult Times: Prayer during Natural Disasters

Where are you God
in all of this—
all that we feel,
even our Earth is crying—
She burns,
and her seas rage,
and her lands tremble—
even the beauty of her
seems to hurt.

I can’t find you…
—I’ve forgotten how to pray—
It’s just so much.

But then the sun rises
with its halo of burnt embers
And its light shines
through the haze
for Light always finds
its way through
and I am reminded
that you are still here—

and I realize these words
–here on this paper—
is my prayer
And each time someone reads
these words,
this becomes their prayer too—

Our voices rise.

We call out:
Please listen to our hearts,
May you bring peace
to our worried minds;
May you bring healthy air to all
who need to breathe;
May you bring calm
to all those who feel chaos;
May you bestow protection
upon all who fear.
May you quench the fires,
quiet the seas,
bring harmony back to the lands.
May you lift our world
into your hands of LOVE.
We need you God,
we need you here with us.


Blessings, Erin

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