“Healing” Winter Snow

My husband walked in the door…”Did you see the snow?” “No!” I hadn’t even realized that it was snowing. That’s the wonder of a winter night. Here I am all warmed up in my house; the curtains are pulled shut; my cat is snoring on the bed beside my computer.

It’s quiet… And yet there is so much going on outside in the world. The white snowflakes are falling quickly, quietly, softly on the earth; changing the sights around, and leaving their mark. No matter how quiet the snow is, we find it. We can touch it and feel it; we can taste it; we can hear it crunch under our feet; we can see how it’s transformed the world and yet it is so quiet when it arrives.

This is what a moment of healing awe is like for me. It’s that profound moment of something unexpected, yet so wonderfully welcomed that it literally transforms something in you and awakens something special. This awakening happened when I threw on my boots, grabbed my camera, called the dog and ran out into the back yard.



Take in a breath…shhhh….listen do you hear it? The snow is whispering in my ear: ‘I am here.’ Yes something greater than me is here.”


The dog runs by jumping playfully back and forth around in circles. White snow on his little black nose. And I’m back to reality.

Blessings, Erin

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Leave worry for tomorrow

So last night I couldn’t sleep. It was one of those nights when I had my mind worrying from one thought to another.

Every time I told myself to just relax something else would pop in my mind.
I bet we’ve all had nights like this!
I don’t even remember how I fell asleep but I somehow did an hour and a half after I put my head on the pillow.

What do you do to help you fall asleep when you are being a worry-wart?

I found two ideas of wisdom I wanted to share. I’m certainly trying to remind myself of them:
1. From Martha Beck, “Take a Load off”, in the Oprah Magazine. Martha Beck shares,
“Instead of fretting about getting everything done, why not simply accept that being alive means having things to do?”

Okay, I’ll work on accepting that I have things to do in life just because,


That doesn’t make the worry disappear..
So I found this quote:

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of it’s strength.– Corrie Ten BoomClippings from My Notebook

“Worry empties today of its strength.”
Okay so I get the formula now:
To be strong in myself I need to let go of tomorrow’s worries today, and just accept that each day there will always be something to do.

Sweet dreams tonight.

Blessings, Erin

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Relax & Read

So tonight I’m doing something I don’t take much time for. I’m reading a novel. Jumping into the lives of other people and letting my imagination take flight. I’m reading “The Help”. Yeah I know I might be a little out if date…I haven’t even seen the movie yet! But I like a good book every now and again, even if everyone else has read it. So relax, put your feet up, grab a good book and read!

‘Reading can be healing for the soul.’

Blessings, Erin

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Coffee Healing: A New Flavour

Healing Bleue Coffee

So I’ve started reading “O” The Oprah Magazine, and I’m really truly enjoying it! I am always searching for healing, as you know, and so often the articles touch on just that. The thought to leave you with today is from Roma Downey. She says,

Pausing between stimulus and response allows you to show up in your life.–The first of Five things she knows for sure.

Hum, showing up in life? I’m not sure if I fully got what she was saying, but I think what she was leaving us with, is find something in your life that breaks up the beginning and the end of your story, your moment, your day. She shares about her wonderful family ritual of drinking tea, whenever they had something to share with each other. So when her dad passed away, she made a cup of tea, and it helped her pause in the moment. The tea reconnected her to her father, her family, and at the same time centered her.

We all need that “something” maybe a cup of tea, maybe a song, maybe a prayer…that takes us out of the extreme and puts us back into the ordinary, the safe place, our comfort zone.

My something I guess would be having coffee with my husband. It does center both of us. It is a happy time of day. It’s a moment in time that’s us.

Coffee Healing

What helps you feel reconnected to life when you are stressed, overwhelmed, or caught up in something that’s not really you?

What helps you Pause, so that you can reconnect with yourself?

Blessings, Erin

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Blog, Eat with Love & Heal Your Body

About three weeks ago a friend posted on Facebook an article from the Huffington Post. I actually took the time to read it and really enjoyed it. This was a strange occurrence for me; for the last two years I haven’t had much time to pay attention to anything other than making sure that I kept breathing, & that my son and husband were taken care of each day. I’ve officially been a stay-at-home mom for four months this Tuesday. It took me about three months to de-stress from my very hectic life. Finally at 3 1/2 months I developed the courage to begin to write this blog, and now I’m addicted to speaking on this screen. I’ve found the time to read more and write more, and thus, nourish my mind and spirit more.

So today I needed to pause and focus on my body: I nourished my body by reading an article on the Huffington Post called, “Could Mindful Eating Wean us From our Bad Food Habits?” by Harbir Kaur, a UK science teacher. She states, “Allow your senses to be electrified by something as simple as a slice of bread.” To be so focused on something like a piece of bread, to savor every single bite; to let your mouth be conscious of how the bread feels on your teeth, and your tongue to notice every flavor and texture takes a lot of intentionality. Of course it does! But who really has the time to truly enjoy what they eat? That there, is the challenge-making the time! So challege yourself: make yourself feel alive! Savor your food and enjoy it more; notice how you begin to eat healthier and thus, your body reaps the rewards of healing and wellness. Congratulations to you! You have joined celebrities such as

Oprah Winfrey as an advocate for ‘Mindful Eating.’ In fact if you are interested in this even more there is an entire organization centered around the goodness ‘Mindful Eating’ does for us:

Mindful eating has the powerful potential to transform people’s relationship to food and eating, to improve overall health, body image, relationships and self-esteem.-The Center for Mindful Eating.

Okay, so if other people are talking about this, it must mean something! Pause! “Let me take a bite of this grape. Ahhh..refreshing, crunchy, wet. sweet and a bit sour…
So today be intentional about eating your food. Enjoy every bite. Recognize what a wonderful gift it is to be able eat food. Take the time to pause and reflect on what an amazing creation your body is: You open your mouth, take a bite, and your body knows just what to do with the food you eat: giving you energy for the day ahead, healing your wounds, bringing you back to a childhood moment of something good…all happening in moments without any effort from you other than eating your food.

Today be intentional in your life, and see what wonderful things may happen! Heal your body!

Blessings, Erin

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Take the Nite Off

It’s Friday night, so put your feet up, let your hair down and treat yourself to a dinner out at a delicious restaurant; that has just the right atmosphere to heal your body: relaxing light, good service and of course food that melts in your mouth and fills you with that healing, comforting feeling of “nothing’s ever tasted so good.”

On the other hand, staying in with comfort food is a relaxing way to de-stress during the winter nights. Even though many of us like to stay healthy and eat well these days, having something like pizza at home with a good movie can be the perfect ending to a crazy week.
Whatever you choose to do, do something good for you.

Keep healing your mind, body, and spirit from moment to moment. Remember every moment can be healing if you allow yourself to make your life meaningful.

Blessings, Erin

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